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`` [あむろ なみえ] Namie Amuro fans.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
`` [あむろ なみえ] Namie Amuro fans.

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[17 Jul 2011|02:53pm]

Does anyone have Namie's new song "Naked"?
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[18 Dec 2010|01:33am]

[08] icons of our Queen of Hip-Pop <3

click here here here here~
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Amuro Namie Gallery Updated [03 Sep 2010|06:04pm]

Latest Large pictures of Amuro Namie
You can find more on MJP here

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[02 Jun 2010|06:31pm]

hello there~ ^^
wanted to share 19 icons of our Queen of Hip-Pop!~

the rest is here~
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selling amuro namie singles and albums [27 Apr 2010|03:25pm]

hello amuro namie fans i m selling some of my amuro namie singles

amuro namie single :
 Amuro namie say the word single Japanese import
 Amuro namie 60s 70s 80s single cd japanese import

amuro namie album :
 amuro namie original tracks vol1 album first press
 amuro namie 安室奈美恵 sweet 19 blues album first pres

 scawaii japanese magazine 2008 april amuro namie cover
 Glamorous magazine september 2008 amuro namie cover
 vivi ヴィヴィ magazine april 2006 amuro namie cover
vivi ヴィヴィ magazine september 09 2008 amuro namie cover
Sweet magazine september 2008 amuro namie cover
SCAWAII MAY 2007 amuro namie on the cover
vivi japanese magazine august 2009 amuro namie cover

for pictures and prices please check myjpop.com/jpop-myjpop-japanese-music.html

i accept paypal,conceal cash,money order and western union.
i ship from US anywhere in the world. i can combine shipping .
if you have any aditional questions feel or would like to order  free to pm me .
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icons [20 Mar 2010|02:23am]

hello there ^^

Brought 12 icons of our beloved Queen! Hope you enjoy them ^^

click here 'cause she's the Queen of Hip-Pop~
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[26 Jan 2010|01:40pm]


Here I am again to share some of my new works.

More? Visit my deviantart page

To brackdiamon: Sorry, but I can't enter the community Favorite Mutant. I've already tried on two different computers and brownsers, but in none of them I could find the livejournal bar, in which there is the option of joining the community.

Miss B-luv
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